Technical Skill Set

Constantly keeping myself updated with the latest tech in frontend space!

html 6 Years

I always prefer semantic markup and keep accesibility in mind while writing my html. I keep the structure consistent so that it can be targeted well with CSS & can be scaled further.

a11y html5

CSS/SASS 6 Years

I write modular & scalable CSS to design pixel-perfect websites, with strong layout debugging skills. Can leverage the benefits of frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind to create aesthetic and beautiful layouts from absolutely scratch.

bootstrap tailwind css-in-js

Javascript 3 Years

Comfortable with DOM Manuplations and interactions, events, APIs, ES6/ES7 & ReactJS. Can work with any library (sort of) that has a good documentation!

es6 ReactJS css-in-js

React1.5 Years

Designing and developing dynamic Web Applications, all sort of SaaS, Admin Dashboards and Landing Pages. Working with State Management in React, Hooks and popular frontend libraries like Material UI & Mantine.

es6 ReactJS css-in-js


A few of my public web-design projects that I kind of handled single handedly!


Nikgapps is a custom Google Apps package provider. If you are a hardcore Android enthusiast & into rooting and Custom ROMs stuff, you would probably have come across this wonderful project!


PixysOS is an AOSP based Custom ROM project that you can use on your Android devices if you are into it.

Pixel Experience

I had the opportunity to design the website for one of the most popular Android Custom ROMs project, Pixel Experience. Color scheme of this website has been modified (not by me) a lot since I handed it off but it was a fun project to work with.


This is a modern and responsive Open-Source portfolio built for anyone to use. Honestly, I don’t know if anyone’s using it though. Looking for a good portfolio template? Why not use it?

Quick 1 Hour Creations

Quick fun & simple projects that I did over my weekends! ;)

Color Shades Generator

Built this very simple color shades 🌈 generator using ReactJS. Give it a HEX color and it will give you 10 light and dark shades of the color.

Breaking Bad Characters

A simple application showing almost all the legendary Breaking Bad characters 🔥. This is one of my favourite shows and I grabbed some data from the API and created a little page, just for fun!


Yeah, very weird name. I don’t know why I named it VIPColors to be honest but this was fun to create. It’s a Color Picker app with some good accent colors and built using Vanilla JavaScript. Wanna listen a secret? It's in BETA since I launched it. 🤭

Rick & Morty Characters

A dead simple React App where I experimented with React Query, to fetch and cache data. It got nice pagination and dark mode support.

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I try to share my learnings through blog posts and cover topics around web-design & development!

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